How to write a good dating profile, to find that someone special!

Creating a good dating profile is not as easy as you think. Mastering the art of confidence without showing off can be tricky. You want to demonstrate your personality while maintaining an air of mystery. And where is the line between being flirty and attractive and being painfully forward?

Make her feel something

If she forms an emotional connection with your writing, she’ll keep reading. And if she likes what she’s seeing, she’ll return your message.

Add A Smile To Her Day

Humor can be a tricky thing on dating profiles because it’s so subjective. What makes one woman giggle could fall flat for another. But using “over the top” humor plays well. Adding visual insights of your happy moments helps you attract common factors.

Make Her Want To Follow You

Sharing interesting facts about your everyday life makes her fall for you. Browsing your profile makes her comfortable with you, so she’s going to keep reading and will be more likely to reach out when she’s done.

Interesting opening lines are effective because they evoke an emotional response. Your competition is busy writing crap like this:

“Working out, having fun, and enjoying life!” There’s nothing compelling about those words. Boring does not trigger the emotional response you need to capture her attention.

“Have fun and enjoy life” is too vague for her to imagine, and she’s not going to bother picturing herself on the treadmill next to you at the gym. Where’s the intrigue? The excitement? Not in this profile – and just like that, she’s on to the next one.

But with your interesting Profile, she will be interested in every last word.

Give it a go and make your profile real and interesting and #FINDLOVE


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